From Chapter 1 of Tooth & Claw

From Chapter 1 of Tooth & Claw
Milo's Nightmare

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Chapter 1 almost ready!

Chapter 1 is almost here! All fixes are in and Jamie's adding the final touches on the sound effects. Once that is done it'll be ready and I plan on submitting it to animation festivals across the US, not to mention a posting up on Youtube and other video posting sites. When it is available, I'll be sure to let you know as with a link on where to find it!

Saturday, March 27, 2010

First post of the upcoming first webisode, chapter 1 of "Tooth & Claw"

Greetings Web Travellers,

My first ever blog post of any kind in my life and I am glad to announce that the first chapter of "Tooth & Claw" is near completion. About 30 seconds of animation to go, much of the editing already underway. Over a year in production and I can't wait! In fact I'll be heading into the office this evening to do some more animating on it.

"Tooth & Claw" is a tale about a young farmer Muskrat named Milo, coming of age, in the farming community of "Greenwater". Their farming community for more seasons than you can count, has been guarded and protected by their strongest, bravest, and battle trained warriors simply called the "Guardians". With them at the decks of their rocky fortress overlooking the village, they have been able to keep away many of their natural enemies and predators. But times change quickly as a forest fire destroys the habitat of their adversaries, now hungry, exposed, and desperate. Tensions are up in the village, which only stirs the dreams and nightmares of its inhabitants, including Milo, which ends up playing the role of a guardian protecting a family against a mink intruder as you will see in Chapter One. All of this comes at the time in the fall where the crops are gathered, and a traveling party is formed to head to the nearest town to trade and sell their extra crops and crafts in exchange for things they will need to help get through the winter. It will be Milo's first run, but unfortunately it comes at a time where the danger is high...