From Chapter 1 of Tooth & Claw

From Chapter 1 of Tooth & Claw
Milo's Nightmare

The Characters (Work In Progress)

NAME: Copper
RESIDENCE: Muskrat Village of "Greenwater"
MARITAL STATUS: Husband to Flower
OFFSPRING: 3. Rusty, Milo, and Cocoa.

A good friend of the community and a loving father.  His family is his joy and the most important thing in his life.  He would do anything for anyone. Enjoys the company of friends and always keeps a cool head.  His talents are best suited at farming, as with many of the other villagers.  Secure and a hard worker.  Is the oldest sibling in his family and would often play jokes on his little brother to entertain himself while growing up.
Tries to be the best father he can be to Milo, being the only offspring living at home, as Rusty moved away after becoming an adult and Cocoa ending up missing after a family outing.  He knows that Milo will soon follow in his footsteps and tries to show and teach him everything he knows to not only be a good farmer, but a good and respected Muskrat of the community.  His children and family are his joy and makes it very difficult for him to let go. However, he ultimately wants what is right and best for them.